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Tratamiento Ayurveda

Treatments and massages


Service description

Abhyanga massage is one of the basic techniques of the Ayurveda Indian medicine. It consists of a full body massage technique with the application of medicinal oils (Thailams) chosen according to the state of each dosha at the time of therapy.


Benefits of Abhyanga:

  • Nourishes the entire body

  • Decreases the effects of aging.

  • Imparts muscular tone and vigor to the dhatus (tissues) of the body.

  • Imparts firmness to the extremities. Lubricates the joints.

  • Increases circulation. Stimulates the internal organs of the body.

  • Helps in the elimination of impurities from the body.

  • Relaxes the mind helping against stress Options:

  • Body 60 Min. 65 Eur

  • Body and Face 75 min - 75 Eur

  • Body, Head and Face, or Feet 90 min - 85 Eur

Masaje Ayurvedico
Tratamiento Ayurveda

Full body massage performed with warm oil

1 hour $65 Euro

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