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Masaje Ayurvedico

Marma Points Therapy

It is an energy healing practice that arose within the science of Ayurveda  with more than 5000 years old. A technique  soft and effective to work with the Marma points both emotionally and physically.

What are the Marmas?

Marma translates as "secret"   they were once called "Bindu" which means a point or  secret  or a mystical point. Like a door or a path that opens or leads to the awakening of the internal pharmacy of the body.

Your life force is contained within these  points of power called marmas.

Ayurveda sees the life force that animates our body as flowing through a network of nadis, or subtle energy channels. The marmas are like miniature power stations, within that network the flow of vital energy is controlled and regulated. Blockages within this energy grid can lead to numerous health problems.

Masaje Ayurvedico
Masaje Ayurvedico

What is Marma Therapy?

Marma Therapy is the art of treating those very special vital points of the body. It is one of the greatest healing secrets of Ayurveda. 

By releasing these blockages, a very profound effect can be produced: we can stimulate the function of the internal organs, strengthen the power of self-healing and harmonize the mind and body. It can help improve eyesight, balance the digestive system, relieve headaches, reduce tension, and alleviate or cure many everyday ailments.

It can be used to detoxify the body, to strengthen and revitalize, for rejuvenation and relaxation, and to release blocked energy.

One Session 50 Euros

Four Sessions Euros175

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