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Ana Gabriela Ayurveda

About me

My name is Ana Gabriela,  I am Mexican, but by chance life brought me to Spain. Where I live since 2002. I  Graduated in Business Administration. Master's Degree in Nonprofit Business Administration. With 10 years of professional experience in multinationals. Life led me to search for new paths, in which I had the gift of meeting different wonderful people, who helped me discover and understand other ways of seeing life. Among those gifts, I came into my life for the first time   15 years ago Ayurveda, when I first heard about ayurveda and something resonated within me. and every day it does so with more force, this science has helped me to know myself deeply and has given me a much more holistic vision of the meaning of health  well-being. I have had the opportunity to work in one of the most authentic centers with an extraordinary team of professionals on the Island, but after 7 years I say goodbye to undertake this journey alone with great enthusiasm.​

​With the knowledge I have acquired, my intention is to share and bring this wonderful science closer to the greatest number of people, helping them to reconnect with themselves and with nature, providing them with tools that help them reconnect with its essence  take charge of your health   and find perfect health.

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