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Tratamiento Ayurveda

Tratamientos y masajes 


Service description

The Pindas Treatment goes by different names depending on the filling and its action: Navarakizhi (Rice-filled), Podikizhi (Herb-filled), Jambira Pinda Sweda. It is an ancient massage therapy that uses warm medicinal oils in a cloth bag. The composition of medicinal oils and herbs inside is personalized according to the health condition being treated.


Reduces stress, Cures insomnia, Controls pain and inflammation; Increases blood flow and rejuvenates the system. Calms nerves and joints; Detoxifies, eliminates metabolic wastes from the body, thus acting as a mini detox treatment. Heals injuries, Cures age-related musculoskeletal issues and injuries naturally. In the Pinda Sweda massage, the herbal brew-filled bag is placed over joints, muscles, and tendons to reduce pain, inflammation, and other conditions.

As a treatment and to see results, more than one session is required. Although you will notice the benefits from the first session.


1 Session: From 75 Eur till 90 Eur (Depending on the pinda It will be needed)

4 Bonus Session. from 260 Eur till 320 Eur (Depending on the pinda It will be needed)


Full Body

massage done with warm oil

1 hour $75 Euro

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