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Tratamiento Ayurveda

Treatments and massages 


Service description

Udvartana is a treatment in Ayurveda in which specially prepared herbal paste or herbal powder is massaged over the body. It is a treatment used to support weight loss or detoxification programs.There are two types of Udvartana, and the ingredients used vary according to the condition:

  1. Snigdha Udvartana – Ayurvedic Paste Massage

  2. Ruksha Udvartana – Ayurvedic Powder Massage


Depending on the purpose of the Udvartana treatment it can be followed with a herbal steam to increase the detoxification benefits.


+ Reduces Kapha.

+ Helps lose weight.

+ Improves skin complexion.

+ Helps relieve stress and induce relaxation.

+ Eliminates obstructions in blood vessels.

+ Improving circulation

+ Stimulates the metabolism of fats. Decreasing adipose tissue.

+ Very beneficial for people with diabetes and obesity.

The recommendation to see weight loss results is 2 sessions per week.

1 Trial Session: 75 EUR

Package of 4 Sessions: 280 EUR

Package of 8 Sessions: 520 EUR

Masajes Reflexología

Dry Massage with micronized herbs

1 hour 75 Euro

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